Peter Gunny Straps – MI3 Strap Review

I’ve been searching around for the best Panerai PAM 372 strap and finally decided to order one of the new Peter Gunny MI3 straps. I’ve always been a big fan of Peter’s straps (the Gunny Straps 74 Serie is my go to for the Fiddy), and his new Mission Impossible series really caught my eye.

After a few weeks of waiting, my MI3 strap literally just arrived. I wanted to go ahead and do a review of it even though I’m still waiting to take delivery of my 372…

Peter Gunny MI3 Strap

The Gunny MI3 strap is part of the new “Mission Impossible” series, and I think you’ll agree that the vintage aging process that Peter puts the leather through is very convincing to say the least. The MI3 is the third strap in his Mission Impossible series, and in my opinion, it’s the best looking one to date.

Gunny MI3 Strap

Panerai PAM 372 Strap

The Gunny Straps MI series began when one of Peter’s clients sent him one piece of a genuine vintage Panerai strap and asked him to recreate the missing half. After a month of trial and error, Peter was able to reproduce a very authentic looking match for the original half, and has now launched a new series of straps based on that concept.

The Gunny MI3 strap is a bit darker than the MI1 and MI2, and it’s a great match in my opinion for the vintage-inspired PAM 372…

Panerai PAM372

The MI3 strap is very soft and my first impressions are that this will be a strap which will hold up very well over time. It features a matching stitch, 2 keepers, a flat GPF-style buckle, and raw, unfinished edges. The MI3 is much beefier than my 74 Serie due to the fact that there is an additional layer of leather sandwiched between the outer layers. This gives the MI3 a thicker, more substantial appearance which fits the Panerai 372′s chunky profile well. All of Peter Gunny’s straps are hand cut and hand sewn, and the Mission Impossible straps are made to order based on your individual sizing requirements.

Gunny Straps MI3

Panerai 372 Strap

PAM372 Strap

PAM 372 Strap

Gunny Straps Mission Impossible 3 Strap

GunnyStraps MI3

Gunny Straps

Since Peter’s straps are entirely handcrafted and made to order, turnaround time on custom orders ranges from a week to 3-4 weeks, depending on both the strap (MI straps require much more labor) and his current backlog of orders. Peter is excellent when it comes to communication and he has always responded very quickly to my emails. He accepts Paypal and Moneybookers payments, and orders can be placed by emailing him directly at or by visiting his website at

By the way, he’s also making some pretty nice looking traveling pouches and I think it would be a cool to have one custom made using the same MI3 leather and vintage aging process!


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