Gunny Straps 74 Serie Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the 74 Serie, a vintage-style Panerai strap created by Peter over at Gunny Straps. Each and every Gunny watch strap is handmade, individually numbered and signed.

The 74 Serie is an incredibly realistic recreation of a particular vintage strap shown in one of Officine Panerai’s catalogs (picture taken from the Gunny Strap website):

Gunny Serie 74 Strap

As you can see, Peter really does an amazing job recreating the look of this particular strap. As anyone who has ever worked with leather will tell you, this is truly an art form. Treating leather to give it the appearance of being old and well-worn is certainly not as easy as it looks.

The 74 Serie is made of an extremely soft, comfortable leather that has a very rich, complex color. The strap features raw cut edges, and it’s definitely a strap that will only continue to look better the more it is worn.

Gunny Straps 74 Serie

Gunny Straps Serie 74 Back

Gunny Straps 74 Serie 2

Gunny Straps 74 Serie 2 Closeup

Gunny Straps End

Gunny Straps Maker

Gunny Straps Maker Closeup

Gunny Straps Buckle Back

Gunny Straps Buckle Back Closeup

The 74 Serie (and any other Gunny Strap) can be made to your exact specifications and features a flat, polished buckle. The strap shown in this review measures 26/26 and 140/85.

In my opinion, the 74 Serie is a “must have” for any Panerai owner who is looking for a realistic, vintage vibe. While it would look great on just about any PAM, it looks especially stunning on the Panerai PAM 127…

Gunny Straps Fiddy

Gunny Straps Panerai PAM 127

Gunny Straps Panerai Fiddy

Gunny Straps Panerai PAM127

Gunny Straps Panerai PAM 127 Side

Gunny Straps Side Closeup

Gunny Straps 74 Serie Maker

Turnaround time on custom orders right now is running about 7-10 working days, and Peter was quick to respond to any questions we had. As far as payment goes, Peter accepts Paypal, Moneybookers, Moneygram, Western Union, and bank wire.

Pricing and additional Gunny Strap models can be seen on the Gunny Straps website, and orders can be placed by emailing Peter directly at

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#1 David on 01.13.09 at 4:03 am

Wow, that’s an amazing looking strap! While it does look good on the Fiddy, I bet it would look even better on my 232!

I’ll definitely be picking one of these up soon…

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