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Ennebi Mictofo Review

Ennebi Mictofo

The Ennebi Mictofo (ref. 13200)  is housed in a stainless steel X5 18Ni 10 Cr case that is 46mm in diameter and is 4.6mm thick. The lug size on the Mictofo is 22mm.

Ennebi used a mechanical movement in the Mictofo with a 38 hour power reserver, 25 rubies, producing 28,800 bph (4 Hz).

The watch is pressure resistant and waterproof to over 300 meters and it features organic or mineral glass coated with an anti-reflective coating. The dial displays hours, minutes, seconds and optional date and the bi-directional rotating bezel is lockable in every position by means of the stainless steel crown positioned at 2 o’clock.

The caseback is screw locked with a gold fiorino set in 750 ’89 gold and the Mictofo is delivered with an attractive wooden case and screwdriver for dismantling the bezel and changing straps.

Ennebi Mictofo Caseback

Ennebi VI Nazioni LIMITED EDITION Review

Ennebi VI Nazioni

The Ennebi VI Nazioni LIMITED EDITION (ref. 13200/n) watch was a very limited run with only 30 pieces created in all. The watch features a turquoise dial with fluorescent minute and second digits, and a date function at 3 o’clock.

The hour and minute hands are fluorescent green and the second hand features a fluorescent orange tip. Ennebi engraved a golden medal of the Italian Rugby Federation and “Torneo VI Nazioni 2005″ on the center of the caseback.

The Ennebi VI Nazioni LIMITED EDITION watch is delivered with a beautiful exotic wood case and special screwdriver for dismantling the bezel and the straps.

Ennebi VI Nazioni Box

New PVD Coated Ennebi Fondale Watches

Ennebi has announced that their watches can now be ordered with PVD coating. “Physical Vapor Deposition” is a coating procedure performed in a high vacuum chambers. According to the heated material to be deposited by means of evaporation or deposited by means of electronic beams, it is possible to obtain several different results for what concerns the color, the hardness, resistance to scratches and so on.

Below are photos of a PVD coated Ennebi Fondale GF1000.

PVD Ennebi Fondale GF1000


Ennebi Fondale PVD

Ennebi Fondale Review

Ennebi FondaleEnnebi has historical ties with Officine Panerai, and the Fondale is certainly a watch that appeals to die-hard Panerai fans.

The Ennebi Fondale is tool watch, first and foremost. It is available in ref. 9640, 9650, and 9660-100. Ennebi used a micro-peening titanium grade 5 case for ref. 9640 and 9650. The ref 9660-100 comes with a micro-peening titanium grade 5 case with stainless stell caseback.

The outside diameter of the Fondale is 26mm and the case is 4.6mm thick. It features a stainless steel crown with a bi-directional rotating bezel which is self-lockable and features 2.5 minute steps. The Fondale’s bezel can be easily removed without altering the watches water tightness.

The caseback is secured by 6 unique screws and organic glass is used to protect the dial.

The ref. 9640 is 22mm at the lugs, while the ref. 9650 and 9660-100 are both 24mm at the lugs. Many prefer the latter 2 choices due to the fact that they allow for a wider strap size.

The movement is a mechanical movement with an automatic gauge 26 charge and power reserve of 38 hours. The movement beats at 28,800 bph (4Hz) and functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and optional date. It has 25 rubies and a 750ct gold index.

The dial of the Ennebi Fondale features fluorescent digits and minute hands and the watch is pressure resistant and waterproof to over 1,000 meters.

The Ennebi Fondale is supplied with an exotic wood case. As an option (coming with an additional cost), a metal and glass box can replace the wood case.

Ennebi Fondale Wood Case

Ennebi Fondale Metal and Glass Case